Author and Poster presenter Registration

Author and Poster presenter Registration Fee

In-Person: until March 21, 2022 (JST)
ACM Member (WS only, Banquet not included)JPY30,800
ACM Member (Main Conf. only with one-person banquet)JPY88,000
ACM Member (WS + Main Conf. with one-person banquet)JPY99,000
Non-Member (WS only, Banquet not included)JPY36,300
Non-Member (Main Conf. only with one-person banquet)JPY95,700
Non-Member (WS + Main Conf. with one-person banquet)JPY106,700
Virtual: until March 21, 2022 (JST)
ACM Member (WS only)JPY13,200
ACM Member (Main Conf. only)JPY44,000
ACM Member (WS + Main Conf.)JPY51,700
Non-Member (WS only)JPY18,700
Non-Member (Main Conf. only)JPY51,700
Non-Member (WS + Main Conf.)JPY59,400

* You can see Japanese Yen Exchange Rates Table when you click each fee.

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Edit your registration and Publish your Invoice, Receipt and Invitation Letter

If you would like to edit your registration after you have finished your registration, please click "Edit your registration". If you would like to get your invoice and/or receipt, you can get it to click "Invoice and/or Receipt". You can get your invoice after your registration data was sent to our server using our registration system. You can get your receipt after our registration system have recognized that you have completed your payment. This link will work until June 3, 2022.


  1. At least one author registration is required for each paper and/or poster presented at the main conference or workshop, in order for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings.
  2. At least one presenter per accepted poster must register for the conference as an author of main conference.
  3. For authors with multiple papers, one author registration is valid only for one paper.
  4. All speakers and attendees have to follow "the guideline for the duration of conference date".


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