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FAQ (MyPage)

I have forgotten my password.
I have forgotten my Web ID.
Your Web ID was sent an email automatically.
The subject of the mail is "(iar2023) Your Web ID". The sender email address is iar_conf[_a_t_] If you have forgotten your Web ID, please contact iar_conf[_a_t_]
What functions does "MyPage" have?
It has the following 3 functions:
  1. Download documents such as your receipt
  2. Sharing the presenter's slides
  3. Show the Zoom URL for ACNS 2023 (it will be released later Now available)
Moreover, MyPage provides some latest news about this conference,

FAQ (In-Person Presentation)

Do I need to prepare my laptop to do my presentation?
Presenters, excluding poster session, can do the presentation using their laptops. Also, we will prepare our laptops for the presenters. The specification is as below:
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Presentation software: PowerPoint 2021 or Adobe PDF reader
In either case, they have to share their slide using Zoom. Zoom links is provided on “My Page”. We will put the Zoom link to our laptops.
Does the laptop or computer system doing the PowerPoint slides have internet access?
Yes, all the laptops at the conference venue have internet access. Also, the laptops can see the "MyPage".

FAQ (Virtual Presentation)

Please let me know how virtual presentation works and what we need to prepare?
When virtual presenters do their presentations, they have to share their slides using Zoom. You can see the Zoom information on MyPage by June 18, 2023. The virtual presenter need to prepare the following:
  • Your laptop and computer with a microphone and a speaker (External wired microphone recommended)
  • Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth
If your laptop or computer is not installed Zoom, please install it in advance. The url is You can test your internet connection by joining a test meeting on the The Zoom account is not required.