Submission Deadlines

Deadline for submission of abstracts
January 26 February 9, 2022 (Japan Standard Time)
Notification of acceptance
March 16, 2022
Deadline for submission of full papers (optional)
April 6, 2022

Submission Instruction

1. Create your Web ID

All participants (corresponding authors, joint authors, and attendees) are requested to create the Web IDs for their submissions and/or registrations. A single Web ID issued here will be used throughout the ACSMO 2022 events. The link is as follows:

Please note that a "joint author" and "attendee" cannot submit a paper. A paper can be submitted before all the joint authors complete the Web ID creation. A joint author who is not a corresponding author can be a presenter.

2. Submit your abstract using your Web ID

Plenary speakers, keynote speakers, and corresponding authors can submit abstracts. In preparing an abstract, please follow the instruction available here. A unique Paper ID will be assigned for each abstract when submission is completed. The link is as follows:

Abstract submission has been closed

Each participant is allowed to present only one abstract, although one participant may co-authors multiple abstracts. Each corresponding author can submit multiple abstracts using his/her single Web ID.

3. Full papers (Optional)

Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit their full papers. Full papers should be submitted electronically from the link below. In preparing a full paper, please follow the instruction available here.

Full papers Submission Site has been closed


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ACSMO 2022 Secretary General
Prof. Kazuo Yonekura (The University of Tokyo)
ACSMO 2022 System Administrator
Dr. Taku Jiromaru (Conference Service Inc.)