SSSD 2023

SSSM 2023

International Forum on
Smart Systems and
Service Management

Kitakyushu City, March 15-17, 2023, Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Fukuoka, Japan

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Co-Sponsored by:
- Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Service Science, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
- Behavioral Science Laboratory, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan

Scope and Background

Applied Information Technologies have been widely studied and are becoming an important, emerging area in the fields related human, education, healthcare, organization, business, and society. These technologies can be useful to help human life and activities. And also, their technologies are promising technologies to enhance their performance in e-commerce, e-learning, e-business and e-government and all kind of electronic activities in our lives. We focus on all aspects of applied information technology and social informatics, including but not limited to:

- IT literacy
- Programing
- E-learn
- E-commerce
- E-science
- E-Business and E-Shopping
- E-government
- E-collaboration
- Social systems
- Industrial systems
- Multimedia
- Human interaction
- Campus wide information systems
- SNS and social media
- Cloud computing
- Intelligent systems
- Applied computing and information systems
- Security and safety
- Applications

These issues are being explored by researchers from different communities in applied information technology. The goal of this forum is to bring together researchers from these communities to learn about each other's approaches, form long-term collaborations, and cross-fertilize the different areas to accelerate progress towards scaling up to larger and more realistic applications.


Important dates


March 15, 2023

Time Contents
9:00 - 17:15 Technical Tour (Japanese Brewery Factory, Asahi Printech)
18:00 - 20:00 Networking Session 1

March 16, 2023

Time Contents
9:30 - 9:40
Ice Break Session 1
The Potential of Hybrid Conference
Taku Jiromaru, OME Inc., Japan
9:40 - 9:50
Ice Break Session 2
Synergy of Knowledge Intergration and Networking
Tokuro Matsuo, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
9:50 - 10:20
Invited talk 1
An Experimental Study of an Approximate DGS Auction
Satoshi Takahashi, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
10:20 - 10:50
Invited talk 2
Statistical comparison of research projects among funding agencies
Tetsuya Nakatoh, Nakamura Gakuen University, Japan
10:50 - 11:20
Invited talk 3
Migrant Entrepreneurs and Manufacturing in Local Communities
Osamu Nakajima, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
11:20 - 11:50
Research Presentation 1
A Consideration of evaluation method for information reliability in influencer marketing
Masaki Shibuya, Motoi Iwashita, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
11:50 - 12:00 Short break
12:00 - 12:40
Luncheon Keynote 1
From User eXperience to Excellent Service
Ford Lumban Gaol, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia
12:40 - 13:20
Luncheon Keynote 2
Time series analysis and electricity demand prediction
Kiyota Hashimoto, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
13:20 - 13:40 Short break
13:40 - 14:10
Invited talk 4
Application of word2vec to the Feature Values of Statements Posted at Q&A Site to Estimate Factor Scores
Yuya Yokoyama, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan
14:10 - 14:40
Invited talk 5
Scenarios for using Communication Robots to both Improve QOL of Elderly and Productivity of Nursing Staff
Atsushi Shimoda, Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan
14:40 - 15:10
Research Presentation 2
Characteristics of decision-making in Elderly
Eriko Musashi, Takaaki Hosoda, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
15:10 - 15:20 Short break
15:20 - 15:50
Invited talk 6
Human Activity Recognition Based on Sensor Approaches
Tessai Hayama, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
15:50 - 16:20
Invited talk 7
New directions and challenges of hospitality quality in convention industry
Hidekazu Iwamoto, Josai International University, Japan
16:20 - 16:50
Invited talk 8
VeNAS: Versatile Negotiating Agent Strategy via Deep Reinforcement Learning
Katsuhide Fujita, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
18:00 - 20:00 Networking Session 2

March 17, 2023

Time Contents
9:30 - 9:45 Morning coffee
9:45 - 10:15
Invited talk 9
The aspect of the second-round accreditation of medical education based on the global standards in Japan
Yoshikazu Asada, Jichi Medical University, Japan
10:15 - 10:45
Invited talk 10
A New Concept of data-driven education based on Eduinformatics
Kunihiko Takamatsu. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
10:50 - 11:20
Research Presentation 3
Engagement within the University
Morihiko Ikemizu, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
11:20 - 11:50
Invited talk 11
Acceptability in Conflicts
Takaaki Hosoda, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
11:50 - 12:00 Closing
12:00-14:00 Networking Session 3


Abstract Submission

All abstract must include the author's name(s), affiliation, complete mailing address, and email address. Title, author information and abstract must be written in both English and Japanese. Please find the template of paper. All abstract must be submitted in MS Word.

Registration Fee

General (Invited talk): 63,800JPY (58,000JPY + Tax 5,800JPY)
General (Research Presentation): 63,800JPY (58,000JPY + Tax 5,800JPY)
General (Audience): 59,400JPY (54,000JPY + Tax 5,400JPY)
Students (Research Presentation): 48,400JPY (44,000JPY + Tax 4,400JPY)
Students (Audience): 44,000JPY (40,000JPY + Tax 4,000JPY)

Registration fee includes these items: Session entry, attending discussion, obtaining online abstract leaflet, and technical events.

Forum Venue

VenueKitakyushu International Conference Center
Address3-9-30, Asano, Kokura Kita-Ku, Kitakyushu City, 802-0001 Japan
Venue URLHere


Forum Chair
Taku Jiromaru (OME Inc., Japan)

Program Co-Chairs
Tokuro Matsuo (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan)
Satoshi Takahashi (University of Electro Communications, Japan)

Local Arrangement Chair
Takaaki Hosoda (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan)

Co-Sponsored by:
- Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Service Science, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan
- Behavioral Science Laboratory, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan

Co-Supported by:
- Kitakyushu Convention and Visitors Association, Japan
- Conference Service, Japan



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